Tyler Nichol

Alex Murray

                ABOUT TYLER 

           Role - Lead guitarist

           Fav Food - Chips & Pizza 

           Fav bands/Influences- Megadeth, Rush, ACDC,

                                            Billy Talent  & Joe Bonamassa

          Fav NB song- Pity Parade!!!!
          Fun Fact - Tyler is also the lead singer/guitarist of a 

                        local hard rock band called "Ironbound".                                                           



           About Sandra   

        Role - Bassist 

        Fav Food - Chocolate & Pizza with black olives 

        Fav bands/Influences- Garbage, No Doubt Black Honey,

                                  MCR,The Big Moon & Cherry Glazerr

        Fav NB Song - Light 
        Fun Fact - Sandra's favourite game is Fallout  


August Lily Wickman




                         About Alex

           Role -   Drummer

           Fav Food - Anything with Cheese!!
           Fav Bands - A Day To Remember, & Memphis May Fire
           Fav NB Song - Pass The Torch
           Fun Fact - Alex's first Instrument he ever played was

                           the clarinet in Grade 6.




​          About August Lily

           Role - Lead singer/Rhythm guitar & Keys

           Fav Food - Chicken Tenders & Chips

           Fav bands/Influences- Garbage, The Kills, Metric

           Billy Talent  & Blood Red Shoes

​           Fav NB song- The Millennials & Pass The Torch 
           Fun Fact - August began songwriting at the tender

                           age of 9.


Sandra Vaughan