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Nostalgic Brightlights -Feb 9th Rum Runn

 Nostalgic Brightlights is a Canadian alternative rock band from London Ontario. Inspired by the mid 90's alternative rock era blended with a modern indie rock twist. Formed in the fall of 2015 by singer-songwriter August Lily Wickman, joined by Sandra Vaughan (Bass), and Tyler Nichol (Lead guitar) . In May 2016 they released their first EP "The Cold Hard Truth",& started playing shows around London Ontario. During the fall of 2017 they released their first full length album "Dream Killin Machine" with singles "The Millennials", & "The Podium" showcasing a harder rock sound from the previous EP. In the summer of 2018 they released "Time Capsule" EP with an 80's new wave inspired single "Summer Nights" and rock anthem single "Small Talk". The band was nominated for a London Music Award in 2019 for best Rock act. As of October 2019 they released their sophomore album "Time Machine".

Meet The Band


Tyrone Nichol

Lead Guitar

August Lily Wickman




Sandra Vaughan


Mr. Lamb's Nephew

Amp Weight

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