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  Life’s too short to sit around accepting the current circumstances, & feeling completely lost, & defeated. You deserve so much more! Come along with us Nostalgic Brightlights, & let us be your light. Let’s reflect, laugh, cry, & find hope in the midst of everything. It’s not about meeting certain milestones at a certain time, but rather the journey , & all the memories along the way.       


Nostalgic Brightlights is a Canadian rock band formed in London Ontario in 2015 fronted by August Lily Wickman, and Tyler Nichol. The band was named after a song August Lily wrote about her childhood as a solo artist in 2011. Reminiscing on her early years, & how it made her who she is today. "Nostalgic Brightlights means to accept your past, make amends with it, find good connections & community, hope, & reasons to carry on.” -ALW


Releasing their first EP "The Cold Hard Truth" in May of 2016 making their first live appearance as a full band. Throughout the next few years they released 2 albums "Dream Killin Machine" (2017) ,& "Time Machine” (2019), & one EP "Time Capsule" (2018). In 2019, & 2021 they were nominated for the Forest City London Music Awards for Best Rock Act. On October 28 2022 their brand new album "Blessing In Disguise was released, inspired, & written during the covid era of 2020.  


   Blessing In Disguise focuses on a variety of different aspects of the pandemic song by song except for “20” ironically written in the summer of 2019. Each song was written in a different month lyrically showcasing our hardships, struggles, & fears. For once in our lives we got to sit back & analyze our entire lives leading up to this point. We spent months sending back & forth demos to each other until we were happy with our selection & direction. 


  “The album is our first themed based album, & most universal lyrically. There’s a little something for everyone if you search deep enough. Writing this album completely changed my life ,& put me in a better place regarding my mental health. I feel a lot happier these days & optimistic about the future. I realized I’m a lot more resilient & composed than I could have ever imagined. This is only the beginning, I promise”. - ALW

Photography by Kory Adcock

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